Use Lightroom to Organize Thousands of Images

Do you have thousands of images? Need a fast way of finding and viewing them? Imagine being able to view images by name, date, color label and more. Have faves? Give them a color label with one keystroke or tap. Then sort by color. Need to see a lot at once? Or fill the screen with one image? Rename files? Do you crop and/or resize images (which includes changing resolution) before uploading or emailing or printing? Easy peasy, whether one image or a batch.

So much to do and so little time, right? Well, Adobe Lightroom does all that and more! Lightroom imports images as a “visual database” or “digital assets management” system. Unlike apps like iPhoto (urgh), it doesn’t move images into its own folders. It merely shows you where the images are and what they look like. Then you can do all kinds of cool stuff!

Lightroom totally revolutionized my life, work, art. So much fun!

The first image shows files organized by name.

Now images are organized by color label.

I created this Lightroom Basic Organization-Functions Jenny Lens MFA PDF. You can see highlights of why Lightroom is THE best tool to use for organizing images. Plus offers unique creativity tools).

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