My mission is to remove fear and doubt, be inspiring and share the magic of art and tech.

Jenny Lens, Punk Pioneer, when Punk Was Fun

Artistic Alchemist, Creative Instigator, Transformation Teacher, Punk Photographer and all that jazz

Explore and Master Your Creativity, Art, Digital Tools and Tech with my practical, marketable, step-by-step guidance to Manifest Your Big Dreams.

See through the eyes of an acclaimed, educated, trained, internationally published, exhibiting, legendary photographer, fine artist, graphic artist and experienced teacher and coach.

Stop listening to marketing and other people who never had an art or creative class in their lives (or only dabbled)!

Learn from the best if  you want YOUR products, services, branding, marketing, art to stand out! To attract your ideal community, tribe, market, audience, learn to express yourself visually. From images to websites, ecommerce sites or anything, become visual storyteller using what I share with you!

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“Watch. Create. Shine.” Visual Branding Essential Workshop Courses.

“Watch. Create. Shine.”

Visual Storytelling, Branding and Marketing and Fine Art Essentials

Bundle includes Limited Time Bonus Images, Files, and Coaching

    • Have FUN while easily creating compelling, engaging storytelling, branding, graphic fine art visual images.
    • Social media, web presence, ecommerce, mindset and more.
    • Easily gain essential, creative and digital skills.
    • Learn effective real world proven art and design concepts (color, typography, composition, communication and more!)
    • Learn how to integrate licensed clip art with your photos.
    • Inspiring real world tips, tricks, tips and insights.
    • Limited Time offer: 7 for price of 6 with bonuses: Watch. Create. Shine!
    • See details for each workshop in the following 7 workshop course descriptions and links.

Photography for Branded Storytelling Images

Imagine looking through the eyes and in the mind of one of the Top Influential Rock Photographers, trained and exhibiting artist. All the photos on my sites are mine.

If I can do this, You can do this!

Guiding you through both using your natural creativity and often complex, confusing tech tools.

    • Create engaging, storytelling, evocative images.
    • Gain confidence using Automatic vs Manual  settings.
    • Create Memorable Magical Images!
    • Learn sensible and fun ways of using available light and cheap table lights.
    • Learn how to see beauty and image everywhere.
    • Integrate tons of ideas, unique content and solid art concepts to create images to express your dreams.

Lightroom Productivity and Creative Tools
will rock your world!

Save Time – Be Inspired – Be More Creative!

    • Will save you so much time and frustration!
    • Lightroom can revolutionize how you organize, sort, find your files: photos and clip art.
    • Edit, rename, resize, watermark, prep for print or online.
    • Use presets or filters and sliders to turn your images from now to WOW!

Kickstart Your Creativity and Have Joyous Fun!

Create Marketable, Branded Images using Photoshop

Canva is fine for some creations, but it has its limits.

Photoshop is FUN and EASY following my detailed step-by-step projects. Stand out and be noticed!

    • Create branded visuals, graphics and/or fine art for work, art and life.
    • Add textures, text, paint, patterns, gradients and more.
    • Create collages, social media, marketing, products, graphics, fine art and more.
    • Minimize repetitious, tedious tasks.

Visual Branding Design

    • Be inspired with an acclaimed working artist, trained and educated in graphics, fine arts, photography and marketing.
    • Develop YOUR style, brand and marketing identity.
    • Tips on design, color, type and other creative principles and guidelines.
    • Develop confidence, so essential in developing your own style.

Web Design Basics for Marketing

    • For creatives, healers and non-techies and techies.
    • Focus on design, organizing content and branding.
    • We examine real sites using various major popular apps.
    • Not how to create, but how to determine what apps are best for your dreams. 
    • Joyfully create or outsource site(s) more effectively and confidently.

Wild World of eCommerce

    • Selling online pros and cons.
    • Shopify, WooCommerce with WordPress, POD (Print on Demand), free, self-hosting, paid.
    • Demo, creation and usage of Product List to save time.
    • Real world legal tips related to art, editorial, and commercial merch.

Myths and Mindsets of Digital Tools and Tech

    • Mindset, Myths, Tech and Money: Conquering common online obstacles.
    • Design and Tech Tips for online success strategies.
    • Demystifying myths about blogs, sites and online success.
    • Become more confident and joyous dealing with digital tools.
  • Every lesson in each online workshop is listed and accessed separately, even for bundles
  • Lifetime access for each online workshop
  • Watch whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Lessons last as long as you want or need to complete a particular project or goal
  • No tests, no grades, no pressure
  • See and learn how and why a REAL artist uses REAL tools and techniques to create compelling, memorable images which convey stories, add content and context to whatever story is being told
  • I share mistakes, gotchas, and work-arounds
  • You don’t have to be perfect to create art
  • But learning, using and enjoying art and marketing basics really make a difference!
  • Feel good, have fun and go with the flow.
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
  • Chrome using tablet, laptop and computer monitor are best viewing experiences
  • (Safari is problematic. I love Macs. But Chrome browser is so much more powerful and easier to use.)
  • Designed on and for larger monitors
  • You can use Android and IOS. Not optimum choice for most of the courses due to small screen size
  • This is about seeing and understanding how and why visuals make huge differences in our lives, creations, work and communities
  • Best learning habit, optional, but THE best tip I can ever give anyone: Taking notes digitally or with pen, pencil, paper 
  • ALL text and images are the property of attributed copyright holder(s).
  • DO NOT copy text or images or vids and use elsewhere.
  • Do not sell, give away, share or in any way distribute any of this content without expressed written permission from Jenny Lens, MFA.
  • Exceptions: public domain or credited to another source.
  • Please link to DreamingBig.Rocks and please mention my name. (Thank you!)
  • Learn from someone in the trenches!
  • No refunds
  • Thank you! Now go have fun!


    • I offer guidance, clarity and support, covering creative, technical, personal and professional issues.
    • Save time and money with “Getting to Know You” private, personal intake Discovery form.
    • Choose 30, 60 or 90 minutes for your Coaching.

“Jenny has a great knack to make you look around and capture the mood either through manipulating manual settings or making the best of what you have at hand. I would recommend checking out these courses to anyone who wants to dream big and get inspired.”

Dreaming Big Rocks! Offers Several Online Individual Workshops and Bundles

Questions? Drop me a detailed note what are your dreams and goals.
We can email or talk on phone to design your perfect plan of action.
No obligation nor cost for short consultation about the Workshops.

Bonus 25 Fine Art Stock Photos and 40 Custom Textures

“Jenny’s online photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insights from one of the real talents. I would rate my course 10/10 for inspiration alone. Thank you Jenny!

I actually sprayed that last flower with a spray bottle to get more interesting image like you did in one of the lessons in “Photography for Branded Storytelling Images.”Mark Heck, massage therapist

Hi Jenny!!! I love the course!!! I’m half way thru….so good. So thorough and comprehensive.
Btw, you have a wonderful speaking/teaching voice. I would have loved having you as a teacher in college!
Learning so many tips and being so inspired with Discussion of Tarot Resources!! (How to Create Tarot or Oracle Cards using Clip Art and Photos) ~ Tricia Minette, paralegal (and Rolf).

Adorama, THE most prestigious photo gear supplier and photo lab for decades, said I am one of the ten most influential rock photographers of all time.

Wow, don’t YOU WANT to get insider secrets from someone who gets THAT kind of press and recognition?

Jenny Lens was not just one of the few photographers chronicling the early punk scene in both North America and London, she was also one of the few women working in a very male-dominated field. Her life is pretty fascinating and made up of the three acts usually associated with characters in movies and novels.”

Free Coloring Book Pages –  Special Limited Time Offer

Get some of my most beloved, iconic Punk Photos and fun floral images to color.

Plus get my Gotta-have Best Digital Tools List. Only when you Sign up for my erratic emails and newsletters.

You’ll get 5 of the 8 images below. Want all 8 and see how to color them? Take the Tarot or Oracle Cardmaking course.

Plus more bonus images and info in the “Watch. Create. Shine” Workshop Courses or Special Bundles.

“We were in business 12 years and no large company ever found us. Our previous ecommerce site was a mess, badly designed and hard to find info. She organized info, provided search engine strategies, a total facelift and trained me to use it.

Always a pleasure working with Jenny. Brightest, most energetic person I know. Fun too. She’s thorough, but results worth it!” ~Mark Martinez, graphic artist and designer

“I think it is great that you are going the online teaching and coaching route. Your talents and skills will helpful to many!” ~ Jennifer Posner Lehner, The Front Row

Please investigate Punk Pioneers by photographer Jenny Lens, who captured the scene so perfectly.” Henry Rollins, LA Weekly

“The infamous Jenny Lens, supreme master of the punk rock photo.” ~ San Francisco Bay Guardian [And straight up rock too!]

“The was a time when Punk Rock was dangerous, man — in a cerebral way. And Jenny Lens was there to record it all.” ~ Garage Magazine

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  • Watch
  • Watch as I share why and how YOU benefit when skillfully creating using art and design ideas and inspiration
  • Create
  • Follow along or fly off on your own with actionable steps, concepts, tips and tricks seeing real-world, marketable projects being created
  • Shine
    Shine when you confidently and joyfully combine digital skills and your art and design inspired creativity
  • Attract and Grow Your Tribe, Market, Community
    Create compelling, engaging storytelling, branding visual images. Plus mindset, web presence, ecommerce and more to resonate with others.
  • Gain Essential, Creative and Digital Skills
    Inspiring, Energetic, Bold, Imaginative and Fun real-world, marketable projects, tips, tricks and insights
  • For Every Visionary
    For all Solopreneurs or Entrepreneurs (everyone, not only visual artists)