What to Do Before You Hire or Create a Social Presence

Did you read What To Know Before You Hire or Create a Social Presence? Do you understand WHY the following list is beneficial to you and your clients, ideal target market, to those you serve and want to establish relationships?

If yes, read on. If not, please read What To Know Before You Hire or Create a Social Presence.

Social is like advertising and marketing. (Usually ads are paid and marketing is free. But free isn’t always free. We won’t quibble now.) But ads and marketing ARE NOT designed for information sharing.

Blogs and sites are THE best way to share information with others. You ever read Amazon reviews before purchasing something? Even if you buy elsewhere? Reviews from real people like you are so useful.

I’m stunned how many sites don’t use their site or blog to share info. An informed audience converts to BELIEVERS and BUYERS. Isn’t that your goal? Whether for profit or non-profit, causes or products and/or services, we want results. YOUR audience wants and needs info. So let’s start!

  1. Why do you want better or any social media presence?
  2. What is your Mission?
  3. Who do you serve? Who is your ideal target market?
  4. How are YOUR services and/or products beneficial to your target market? TALK BENEFITS.
  5. You MUST build trust. Why should people believe and trust you? Or choose you vs your competitors?
  6. Do you have testimonials?
  7. What kind of problem solver are you?
  8. What information and questions do people always ask you and others offering what you offer?
  9. What are your offerings? Hours? Cost?
  10. What experience and expertise do you offer?
  11. Where are answers and information to the above questions?
  12. Do you have a site or blog?
  13. Do you have all that info online?
  14. Is that info easily found? Organized? With search buttons? Links? Navigation? Something?
  15. How does your site or blog look on phones? Do you have to scroll on phones, tablet, laptops or desktops cos the screen is too large? Many sites are not optimized for smaller screens.
  16. If no site, do you have a PDF, listing all the info, but organized?
  17. But nothing beats a site. Even if ONE page.
  18. If you don’t have info and answers, how do you respond when people respond to your social postings?
  19. Sites, blogs, social media need assets: that’s text, photos, vids, audio, podcasts, something.
  20. Do you have assets which explain the above?
  21. Photos and images organized? Large enough to look good online?
  22. Are the visuals, photos and images, LEGALLY acquired? Not just downloaded, cos that is ILLEGAL and can cost you many thousands if caught. And people do get caught.
  23. Do you have a color scheme?
  24. Fave typefaces?
  25. Any idea what you want your site or blog and social to look like?
  26. What feelings and actions do you want people to do and feel?
  27. Is your text well-written? A cursory spell check? Make sense? Story telling? Organized? Useful?
  28. If applicable, do you need something so people can book appointments? What info do you need from them?
  29. Contact info?
  30. If products, do you have accurate PayPal links to products if just a handful. If more, that’s another post about eCommerce.

SO many want a site, want social media campaigns, want marketing but MISSING most vital assets.

Minimal text and images. Text is badly written and not organized. Images either way too small or large or fugly. Or run of the mill, seen it everywhere. Yet they expect others can make a site/blog and/or social and it will be epic. #EpicFailure.

AFTER you deal with that, THEN think about marketing. Can you relate? Success oriented, open-minded, flexible and motivated people GET this. I know it’s hard to focus on all that. But details matter.

IF you don’t have CLEAR info people can access, why and how are you marketing your products and/or services? How can you expect people to respond in ways you desire?

Exceptions might be selling products on Amazon or someone’s site. Or offering a paid downloadable PDF or webinar appointments or something.

Why will people buy or book with you if you can’t bother to organize info to build trust and create urgent need for others to work or buy from you?

NEXT, Social Media Sites. This is a very simplified list. There are many blogs and webinars which detail pros and cons of various social sites. I’m only discussing what they often omit. Or giving you a brief overview.

  1. Where is your target market? Instagram? Pinterest? Facebook?
  2. Do you AND your market live on the phone? Instagram might be good.
  3. Do you offer higher quality images, linked to your site or blog? Pinterest.
  4. Do you film tutorials, how to use your product or service. OR tips to establish yourself as an authority. Longer on Youtube, much shorter on Instagram.
  5. Willing to do podcasts?

Merely having posting a bunch of images on various social media sites won’t accomplish much unless it’s directed to a site, blog, ecommerce store, downloadable, something which BENEFITS both your target market and YOU.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. At least waste time and money. Instead, create “happily ever after” with your online adventures.

Planning, research, investigation can be fun, productive and profitable! Or if a social justice warrior, into a cause or belief, you can benefit as well.

Here’s to your success, whatever that is for you! Yay.