What To Know Before You Hire or Create a Social Presence

What does it take to create and run a successful online social presence? Takes far more than merely snapping photos on your phone and posting it. If you build it, they WILL NOT COME. Too many savvy people out there, offering organized, enticing, products and services, with a better sense of urgency than throwing pretty photos online.

There are TONS of free blogs and webinars which detail the benefits of what I discuss below. I’ve never seen lists of what people need for their site/blog and social. I’m merely listing a few things which must be addressed. At the very least, YOU need to be aware these are key components.

If you wanted to bake a gluten-free birthday cake, you’d need some supplies, right? Cake pan, measuring cups and spoons, either some kind of blender or a strong arm. Then the ingredients. Eggs, milk, butter, gluten-free flour or mix, sugar, prepared frosting or if from scratch, those ingredients.

Or else we just buy a gluten-free cake. Not just any cake, right?

I eat salads, so I have a sharp knife, knife sharpener, cutting board, colander, a big bowl, and then tons of greens. Or I can buy a prepared salad.

But not just any old salad. I don’t want meat nor hot nor bitter greens.

Social media is like that. You don’t just use what everyone else uses if it doesn’t reach your target market or you don’t like the interface or whatever.

What suits YOUR needs? Your target market’s needs?

If you HIRE someone to do your social or make your site/blog, store, YOU MUST provide ingredients and direction. Or pay a lot of money. Copywriters and graphic artists are not mind-readers. In any case, you MUST provide input and direction. You can’t just say: do it. It’s YOUR biz, right?

YOU NEED TO KNOW the process and ingredients for a successful online presence. This is a very simplified post and list. But if you think about this in terms of food or similar REAL WORLD situation, it will make more sense.

A pal contacted me about handling her social media. Last time we talked, I analyzed her site. I often did that. I figured if I pointed out the benefits of a better site or blog or store, they’d wise up. I didn’t do it to get a gig. I did it to help people.

Her site needed A LOT of work. I pointed out inconsistencies, lack of organization, incorrect info, old design, didn’t look good on phones and more. Most of all, her site didn’t express the thoughtful, accomplished, caring woman I know. Can you relate?

I was surprised she reached out to me, about a couple years later. She wanted to take me to lunch and talk. Said she’d pay me to do her social. First, I can’t eat and talk. I don’t do business meals.

Next, no point spending time unless she or YOU are have clarity about the following.

Vital you have clear idea of your goals and needs. IF you take marketing classes, if you truly analyze sites to see what works and doesn’t, this is pure common sense. Which sadly is not that common. I’m glad to share this info.

I won’t create your site and I won’t create your social. I WILL advise you what could be done. So you can make your own decisions, based on what works for people making six figures. I take classes from those people. I STUDY how people use sites, blogs, and social.

Then you can either DIY or HIRE A COMPETENT person. Cos if you don’t know wassup, you might be ripped off. Too many charlatans out there. I know, because I live in this online world. Ok, here’s to YOUR success!

The last site I made and will ever make was for a yoga and reiki teacher. 6 class offerings. She sent PayPal links. ALL linked to wrong class. I fixed them, but most will charge you. OR not test them. Imagine people signing up or buying the wrong product. Details matter!

This looks overwhelming, but IF YOU DO NOT read and respond to these questions, you are doomed to failure.

It’s basic. If you want a car, you decide what kind. Sports, sedan, convertible, SUV, truck, van, etc. Auto or manual transmission? New or used? MPG? Budget?

People spend FAR more time on vehicle which loses money the minute it’s driven away. Versus THE vehicle which makes them money: their online presence.

YOUR competition might not be as good as you, might be more expensive, less experienced, etc. BUT if they have a solid online presence WITH good marketing, they will wipe the floor with your … ok, you get the picture.

I can only lead a horse to water. Argue, ignore, not my problem. But THIS is what successful people ARE doing.

Anyone saying nope, you don’t need that … you need to verify they know wassup. You need more than a “funnel.” You need to use YOUR time and money efficiently!

Some ideas to get started. Every successful site and online presence covers the following. And more.

Social is like advertising and marketing.( Usually ads are paid and marketing is free. But free isn’t always free. We won’t quibble now.) But ads and marketing ARE NOT information.

So let’s take a look at some things to think about and prepare before investing time and money into your social media presence. IF you expect to make money efficiently. Or not, it’s up to you! I only share what works for most.

Now that you know more of the benefits and pitfalls, you are ready for What to Do Before You Hire or Create a Social Presence. Then take action!

Save time, energy and money after you understand and follow these suggestions.

Or not. It’s YOUR life and business. I can only guide you. I share what works for successful folks. To your success!

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