What to consider BEFORE you create or hire someone to create or update your Site/Store.

Many think (wish!) websites are created overnight, full of good content, pretty images, products with effective marketing by magic. THAT is way beyond the scope of any web designer. People always blame web designers for a myriad of issues. Sometimes that’s correct. But quite often, people are expecting too much from them. It’s YOUR site. YOU need to be an active participant!

I’ve created websites for others. Plus hung with so many skilled web designers. One thing is in common: lack of pre-preparation by the client (most of us). Web designers not finishing sites due to missing content. Or client not happy over usually a trivial design issue.

We’ll talk about some essential contents and design elements. I’m surprised how many fugly websites, badly organized info and content, with owners wondering why the web isn’t working for them.

  • WordPress (29% or the LARGEST share of sites made with WP) and Squarespace vs Wix, Weebly, etc: self-hosted, third party, and pros/cons of each.
  • Color, Type, Layout, Content, UX (User Interface) and UI (User Interface) (covered in more detail in Art and Design Class).
  • Create and Organize Content and Visual Elements so site is found on searches.
  • And customers or your target market can easily and quickly FIND info on your site and/or store.
  • Or lose customers!
  • No excuses for Bad Design (many online resources too)
  • Plus, how not to be one of those “Clients from Hell.” Especially not if you are your own client.
  • Emphasis on visual assets and color, messaging, and more PRIOR and during building site/store.

Success or Failure Often Starts and/or Ends @YOUR Site/Store.

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