Why a Blog? Why WordPress?

25 Reasons why YOU must have AN Effective Blog/Site/Gallery
The MOST successful businesses OWN their own blog/site/galleries.
More of the TOP small businesses use WordPress than any other platform.

Don’t be left behind cos your competition using WordPress.
Don’t be left out of the FUN and EXCITEMENT of the GROWING WordPress Community.
WordPress users and developers = Powerful, Passionate, Fun Tribe!

Let’s get started. Breathe in, breathe out, and smile!

I wrote this several years ago. Please also look into Squarespace. They’ve come a long way, baby. You can always start with SS, then migrate to a self-hosted WordPress if/when the need arises. I am still a WordPress junkie. But I LOVE to design my own sites with lots of unique features, which vary from site to site. If you are not a designer/techie site freak, you might find Squarespace is just fine for you.

  1. WordPress is FUN and EASY AFTER it’s set up!
  2. WP sites are EASY to use and LOOK good!
  3. Engages YOUR target market with WP comments.
  4. Optional interactivity with other social media sites:
    • Facebook-like comments.
    • See your Twitter Feeds.
    • See your latest Pinterest posts.
  5. Free newsletter updates: for new posts or comments per post.
  6. WordPress Camps throughout the world!
  7. Easy upload to display galleries and embed videos.
  8. Many choices for slide shows and carousel styles.
  9. Sell items or easily connect to world’s best photo and art ecommerce sites.
  10. Better Google results.
  11. Google finds your WordPress blog/site faster and more often than other sites.
  12. Google  easily and quickly finds and “indexed” info IN your site.
  13. Increases page ranking or SERP, search engine result pages.
  14. Your target market more easily and quickly finds info IN your site.
  15. Faster results = buy or hire. Speed and clarity = money earned.
  16. Your readers are engaged, loyal and share w/others. Invaluable viral marketing.
  17. WordPress is easy and fast to update, maintain and add features and functionality.
  18. Many WordPress themes now are Responsive: resize automatically for mobile devices.
  19. More buying form mobile devices than computers. Many don’t own computers.
  20. WordPress users constantly create more extensions or “plug-ins” than any other platform.
  21. Plug-ins add features and functionality.
  22. Thousands of layouts or “themes.”
    • Advantage of premium: tech support. Many use free themes, but paid are updated and supported.
  23. Forget cool animated sites which take forever to load.
    • Apple hates Flash, so iPad and iPhone owners can’t see your site or parts of pages.
    • Google cannot “index” text inside many Flash, vids or graphics images/sites.
  24. Static sites and other ‘free’ software lack Google-friendliness of WordPress.
  25. Many ‘free’ platforms cost if you want added features.
  26. Gives you a competitive edge over other platforms and sites.
  27. It’s fun to share news, photos, vids.
  28. MOST POWERFUL, feature-packed web platform in the Universe.
  29. Be part of the coolest, hippest, smartest creatives in business today!

Marketing Using WordPress blog/sites:

  1. Build and run an effective ongoing marketing presence and marketing campaign.
  2. Build a brand. How COOL is that!!
  3. Viral Marketing.
  4. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler and other social media as marketing ONLY, NOT your home base.
  5. OWN your own site. No one can shut you down (if you obey basic laws, no harassment, copyright infringement or illegality of any kind).
  6. Facebook can and does deactivate accounts. NO warning, and difficult to be re-activated.
  7. Imagine LOSING all your posts, vids, photos, emails, everything? Facebook does that quite often!
  8. Tried to find an old post or email? Not easy via Facebook. Sigh …

Breathe in, breathe out, smile. Better and easier way of doing some things …

Your WP blog/site GIVES your customers:

  1. Search, archive and more organizational features [needed for Google and to retain customers].
  2. More user-friendly IF designed correctly.
  3. User Experience (UX) can be effective w/correct design, layout and navigation, proper use of text, graphics, photos, vid, audio, etc.
  4. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler have NO archive, NO search, and NO organization.
  5. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler have  VERY poor UX and navigational tools.

Misc Important Info:

  1. Who makes money from Google AdSense ads? (One guess, and it’s not gonna be you).
  2. Think you can rig the “back end” of any site to add “meta tag” for better Google results? NO.
  3. Think you can get as good results for any free web software on any web host anywhere, anytime? NO.
  4. Facebook was designed to connect people. Not any more.
  5. Facebook NOW DEMANDS you to PAY big bucks to reach YOUR hard-won followers and fans. Is that right or fair? NO.
  6. Small or large, SMART business owners own a separate website.
  7. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media MERELY for marketing
  8. Social Media for Attracting and Updating YOUR customer base TO YOUR blog/site.

CONTROL and OWN YOUR own WordPress blog/site for YOUR business presence

Have FUN! Enjoy Success! Be part of the LARGEST growing ONLINE Community.
WordPress users and developers are a very passionate Tribe!

Any Marx Brothers fans? Why a Blog? Why a Duck? 😉