Why and How I Teach Photography Settings

Purple white buds, downstairs. Fine-tuned in Lightroom, adj white, highlights and applied 2 Lil Owl Foundry 16 Preset. I LOVE the Foundry preset, but rarely use it. It’s very dramatic. Makes images darker. I’m trying to make mine lighter and less intense. I love such pure, saturated colors. I don’t want them muddied and darkened. BUT it works wonderfully for these flowers! Yeah. Also looked great when much lighter and softer. Digital: so many options!

Hi! I’m teaching MY take on Photography because I struggled to understand how to best use any DSLR camera. It’s been hard, yet I’m a widely exhibited and published photographer. In film. Digital is a whole other animal.

I LOVE it because you can do so much digitally. In camera. In computer. That’s why figuring it out can be a challenge!

The people who write tech specs and how-to for cameras tend live in their own world. They talk in words and numbers. They show a few photos. And more numbers.

I need to SEE examples. Not just one or two, but a series. Lemme process the before and after. I need to SEE visually and “see” internally to “get it.”

I read books, magazines, manuals. Lots. But my art really developed studying settings revealed in Lightroom. I understood the basic camera settings theory behind photography as a photojournalist film photographer. My world famous punk photos, in museums, galleries, books, magazines, docs, online, clothing etc were taken with a camera with far more limits!

Shooting my wild wonderful four years of punk, fashion, parties required me to FOCUS. That was the hardest part because I shot in such dark places. It was much harder to focus back then. Urgh! Film was slower, and we didn’t have digital freedom.

I put film in the camera, batteries into flash (ready if I needed), turned a couple of dials, and ready to look for someone or something exciting or fun or both for focusing.

I only had to worry how much film was left. Fear of running outta film made me constantly anxious about running outta film. No worries today about that! Just thoughts about settings.

I am continually refining my tech and art photo skills. One reason I have a hard time: I hate my camera. I hate where Canon stuck the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO dials in ways which are very difficult for me to change. I keep wanting to click the wrong dial.

Because Canon put the Aperture dial in the wrong place for MY needs. And it’s waaaay too freakin’ hard to change the ISO. URGH!

So I have some mechanical issues. BUT that is why I really needed to know this BEFORE I bought my Canon. It’s a very popular, but older model, Canon 5D Mark II. But gosh, I sure have a hard time with it!

Sharing so this info will help others not make same very expensive mistake. Moving on…

If you want more info, go online. Again, Pinterest is a great resource for finding cool photo blogs and info, in many cases.

My class helps because I don’t just show a few photos with different settings. I show A LOT of photos. And tell you their settings. I compare photos to each other. That’s the way I learned.

You might discover you prefer the image to look sharper or more dreamy and now know how to adjust the dials. By looking at many photos and my explanations. Good times.

I also share helpful links. Always gotta name drop! Have fun. Remember that Dreaming Big Rocks. You rock when you go for it, whatever it is.

A couple of long time, well-respected sites:

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