WHY you MUST Clearly Brand Your Images with Your Name and Domain

Why You Must Clearly Brand Your Images with Your Name and Domain (or you are wasting your precious time and energy!). Jenny Lens, mfa, DreamingBig.Rocks

I sincerely hope that what I am posting here will be helpful. I will say in THE nicest way I can. IF YOU POST social, PUT YOUR NAME AND SITE IN BIG, easy to read letters. ON the image. ON the quote. ON anything that can be screenshot or shared or used in anyway.

Branding: what does that mean? Putting the unique logo (symbol identifying ownership) of a ranch or person onto a horse or cow so people knew who owned that livestock.

So when you post images without visual branding that’s readable, clear, legible, easy to see, anyone can steal your calf or ride your pony. And you get nada. Nothing.

How you gonna drive people to YOU if they can’t find you? If the cool image or quote doesn’t point back to YOU?

But you bred, birthed and fed that animal, that product. It’s yours. But you are not getting the full benefits.

(IF you quote someone, it’s best to include their name, then somewhere else, your name and/or biz url aka web address.)

Ever seen a Picasso or Van Gogh (signed Vincent) or Renoir or Monet or Degas without a signature?

Even Pamela Colman-Smith, who created the best selling Rider-Waite Tarot deck, included her unique logo in every single card.

Quickly: what color is the Coca-Cola logo? How large is it on every can? Pepsi? What are the logos for BMW and Mercedes? Are the clearly seen? All. The. Time. Everywhere. (I can answer this yet not drank any soda since 2001 nor driven since 2006 or so. THAT is branding!!)

Major companies understand branding. For a reason!

** I am asking for input cos I don’t understand this behavior.

** NOT being critical! I am not passing judgment! It breaks my heart 💔 to see this over and over, everywhere.

YOU all work SO hard and yet … where are your names? Your url aka web addy?

(And if you only use IG, remember Tumblr? Or even FB, when ppl insisted on only using them instead of a site? You don’t own social.)

I HAVE tried to follow up when I find cool posts online. I TRY to decipher branding on images, or based on your name. I look at your profile, I click links, I search. Nada.

OR your name here is not your online names (I get that, my biz is not my name either and I’m not consistent in social.)

This comes from a woman whose photos are world famous but who is not famous.

ANY idea what it is like to hear people like Shepard Fairey say: “Oh Jenny, I would have licensed your images IF I KNEW you took them”?

ANY IDEA? Hard for me to type that, it is so upsetting, hearing that repeatedly. (BTW: Shep and his wife, Amanda, are amazing people. I am blessed they believe in me so much.)

My photos have made money for others, but not I. People have scanned and photographed from books, mags, docs. Nothing I could ever do about that.

NOW I make sure MY name and website is CLEARLY seen on every single image I ever post.

I am crying typing this. My heart racing. I’ve been saying this for years. I do not understand.

I really don’t know how anyone can build a presence anywhere without YOUR name and site.

I don’t know how or why that isn’t being taught or just common sense.

I am not insulting nor criticizing you. I just do not understand. What is SO obvious to me and yet so many still do not get this.

That’s all. I just wanna help. And stop being sad about this. But it’s not my business, so why should I care about YOUR success? I just do.

Ok, my work calling me. Please forgive me if I stepped on toes. BUT WHAT THE EFF?

Here’s to your GLORIOUS success and all good things in life. #BrandYourImages #PutYourNameAndDomainOnImages