Wild World of eCommerce Class

eCommerce involves a lot of time and details, content text and visuals. You need and want to know more before you jump in and realize you are spending too much money or time or whatever. My tips and insights will prepare you better to choose the best ecommerce platforms for your specific needs.

We’ll cover vital info to give you a range of issues to think about about before wasting time if you assume all ecommerce are basically the same.

  • What are you selling or want to sell?
  • What’s the best way to sell online?
  • How to create a store?
  • Physical items? Digital?
  • Your own store or third party?
  • How to decide?
  • What are its features?
  • Does it include social media? Email links?
  • Does it protect your work?
  • Fine Art, Editorial vs Merch/Commercial usage of images.
  • Sharing thoughts re legal limitations using/selling anything you did not create
  • Plus some of your rights and limitations as a Content Creator

Product List: I cannot emphasize this highly enough. I’ll show you my Product sheet for my punk t-shirt store. I rely on spreadsheets to track product name, SKU, description, sizes, colors, retail and my costs, and more. THEN I can manually or automatically much of that info into my store. IF that store allows importing that info.

  • First question: does it accepts data uploads or downloads?
  • Then I proceed.
  • Overview/Comparison/Pros/Cons of Selling Online
  • Shopify backend, not free, but great tech support, and easy to use
  • WooCommerce, a WordPress ecommerce plugin: back end views. Plus pros/cons of using additional plugins to add functionality and cost to WooCommerce.
  • Brief mention of Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • Dedicated eCommerce for photographers and other artists.
  • POD or Print on Demand (Printful, PrintAura). Used with WooCommerce, Shopify. Or full third party site like Fine Art America, Pixel, Society6.
  • I started selling my punk rock photos around 2004. I’ve used and examined many different platforms for clients and myself. No right or wrong answer. Learn the minimum as well as optimum requirements for building and running ecommerce per your needs.
  • Nothing is perfect, sadly.

We have many choices. After this class, you will choose more wisely.

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