WordPress vs Squarespace for eCommerce? Consider SHOPIFY!

I’ve use more ecommerce software than I can count!! Since 2004. Oh the horror!! I am STILL looking for affordable way to sell fine art stock photos I want to start selling in 2019.

It’s not easy. So many choices, but few have ALL the features we need!! SMH.

Part Two of Three threads:

  1. Squarespace vs WordPress
  2. WordPress vs Squarespace for eCommerce? Consider SHOPIFY!
  3. GOOGLE is your best friend for info!

My FB pal who asked why I am not recommending WordPress, responded: LOL! Ok. She’d been on SiteSell for years.

She looked at Squarespace first. Looked FAB and EASY. But her web designer said WordPress was easier for him. 

But she needs QuickBooks integration and asked me if Squarespace works with that program because it’s causing issues in WordPress. My response:

IF you are strictly ecommerce, why not Shopify? It’s AWESOME.

I just gotta say this: IF you ever want to use a certain platform, but the person doing the work says one or the other is easier for them, without calling and writing the software companies to find out if THEY have THE features you want, and you find out another platform works better …

DUMP the person you are working with. Tons of good ppl out there who specialize in whatever software you prefer.

I think WordPress is HORRIBLE for ecommerce. And I don’t think Squarespace optimized for it either.

Something to be said about using software designed for YOUR needs.

I needed software to customize the look and layout.

And I needed/wanted several sites. And to teach. AND I’m willing to be very techie.

So WordPress is a good fit.

But few are willing to do the tech. You hired someone. Fine, you have the money. Many don’t have the money.

And the issue of whether WP or SS or Shopify works better for ecommerce sounds like it could be a big issue.

You might wanna contact Shopify, consider what are your costs of hosting, dealing with web designer, if still dealing, etc.

Then when or if time comes to for a change, you will have a better idea. And then verify the status of software capability at that time. Cos it changes all the time.

I NEVER let other ppl decide which software I’ll use. I do my research and take it from there. Cos in the long run, that works far better than ever listening to another person’s needs.

It’s our business, after all. Anyway, that’s my take. You don’t have to agree and that’s cool! 

THEN she asked ME if Shopify works with Quickbooks, cos WordPress is an issue. 

I dunno how many products you have, but Shopify absolutely works with Quickbooks. I did a fast Google search. Cos it’s a dedicated ecommerce platform. AND has some blog features.

WONDERFUL tech support. I loved it! I just couldn’t justify monthly, cos I don’t sell much. I don’t promote my merch.

My photos on another site. I use software specific programs. THAT IS THE SECRET.

You don’t use a hammer to screw something in or out. You don’t use a can opener to peel a carrot, right? Tools are great when you use the right ones. We aren’t born knowing how to peel a carrot. We learn.

So teach yourself the right tools for your online needs

Or take classes from people who walk the walk. That is what successful people do! The LEARN, ignore fears, and do their homework. 

Ask. Learn. Do. Rinse. Repeat. 

Watch. Create. Shine.

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