Workshops Better than Expensive College Courses

Too many college courses, certificates and degrees are expensive and WORTHLESS.

The RICH pay to get their apathetic, low grades children into colleges and universities. CHINESE are far worse than celebs. I’m shocked, I tell you. NOT.

I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree to teach higher ed. I left my fave school, CSUN, to get that MFA at CalArts, which was a joke of a school. THEN I taught after punk. Broke my heart!

I REFUSE to teach at colleges and universities anymore. I saw what goes on behind the scenes. DISGUSTING!

Public or private schools badly treat educated, accomplished teachers, too often. Good students ignored. Just bring in the bodies, the higher paying, the better.

Not the best post about this issue, but title is catchy: I Have A Bachelor’s Degree And Still Work 4 Jobs To Make Ends Meet.

THIS is why I’m teaching online. Low cost, affordable, REAL world marketable, empowering, fun workshops vs the many downsides of colleges and universities.

I could write a book about this.

Higher education is an outdated, unfair mode of learning for SOME. Sure, some benefit. But for many fields and areas of interest, overpriced and under-delivering.

Felicity Huffman REALLY is a Desperate Housewive. Lori Loughlin’s daughter is more into partying than actually going to class (evidence is online).


Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin Charged In College Admission Scheme With More Than 40 Others. Some of the purported student athletes didn’t even play the sports they were recruited to play.