Create Tarot or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art, Photos and Apps

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Designed for Newbies to Experienced with an Open Heart and Mind

Welcome! I’m so excited to share this with you.

I wrote all this BEFORE #WFH aka #WorkFromHome and #SocialDistancing. Now it’s more relevant and vital.

How would you feel if you could:

  • Express yourself creatively with visual storytelling, using archetypes from the Tarot, oracle, affirmations, fairy tales, myths, your fave stories, personal tales or any story
  • Deal with emotions and personal issues using digital creative tools (digital art is my therapy).
  • Create without prior art skills or training
  • Learn inspiring tips on color and design
  • Learn how to find useful, legal sources of free and inexpensive clip art and photos
  • Watch through the eyes of an acclaimed artist, with a BA in Art and Master of Fine Arts in Design degrees
  • Use time saving secrets from one of the TEN MOST influential rock photographers of all time!

Let’s shine some light your way! Tons of freebies ONLY if you ACT NOW!

Watch a FREE Intro Overview. No credit card needed. Or Enroll in Full Tarot Online Workshop before Freebies Gone! More details below.

Example images in correct Tarot order. Except my three infamous early punk photos at the end. Their stories are more coherent kept together. These musicians were vital to the earliest LA Punk scene and elsewhere. All changed our culture. All gone from this earthly presence. You can find inspiration from a variety of sources.

Amazing freebies ONLY if you ACT NOW!

Watch a FREE Intro Overview, with tons of great tips

Sign up! No credit card needed. (BUT Enroll in Full Tarot Online Workshop before Freebies Gone!)

  • I created 40 free, unique, curated textures for your use. (Most sell texture packages for $30-$50)
  • Plus 25 of my Fine Art Stock Photos. (Most sell ONE photo for at least $5-10)
  • Plus 13 of my classic, famous Punk Rock photos. (Sadly, you cannot sell these because you need a model release from the performers.)
  • Plus Live Webinars.
  • Plus a private Facebook group. A safe, supportive, helpful group with others in this adventure!
  • Ideal for scrapbooking, social media, products, journaling, fine art, graphics, coloring books, greeting cards, affirmations and so much more.
  • Easy to understand step-by-steps to illuminate your path.
  • Enjoyable, Fun and Meaningful to focus on Tarot, Oracle, various symbols, stories, fairy and folk tales, myths or whatever makes your heart sing

Free with early-bird registrations! Then gone.

Fine Art Photos:

  •  25 curated Photos: Crystals, Flowers and Metaphysical more!
  • Images color corrected and cropped, saving you time
  • Each image 3000 pixels wide or tall, 300 dpi for high res printing
  • Low res, smaller images in slide show for reference only
  • Start creating right away!

Use my Punk Photos!:

  • 13 of my early LA Punk Icons (some very famous)
  • Images sized to save you time (you’ll get images about 3 times larger than slider images)
  • Add textures and/or text
  • Personal, onscreen use only!
  • Due to legal restrictions about using real people, please do not sell these!
  • I still maintain copyright, so do not claim ownership or use copyright symbol on them. Thanks! 
  • Have fun and start creating right away!


  •  40 free, unique, curated textures
  • You’ll see cards created using these textures, often with color and size changes (which you will learn to do yourself!)
  • See how to change colors and sizes of textures
  • See how layering textures changes colors and look of textures

Discover the fun and joy of visual storytelling through images and symbols which are meaningful to you. Art is about expressing your thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires and experiences.

Tarot is about life’s adventures and journeys. We all start out the innocent, naive baby or “babe in the woods.” We go “into the woods” to experience our life’s adventures.

Delving into Tarot (or other stories) —  characters, symbols, colors and interpretations — can lead us to better understanding ourselves and our world.

Creating Tarot and Oracle cards can be meditative, healing and empowering. Fun too!

Do You Have to Read all the following Info? 

What you will Watch, then Create, and Shine:

  • Explore how images, textures and colors convey meaning, emotions and tell your stories
  • You’ll see art from various eras and artists to expand your visual possibilities
  • Play with and combine various images for engaging, compelling art.
  • Learn valuable digital skills and concepts to use for social, fine art, graphics and more!

Start with Your Story:

  • What resonates with you?
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What stories do you want to tell?
  • What Tarot or Oracle cards, or fairy, folk, wonder tales, mythology, any stories help YOU express your feelings, your story?

Use Your Art, Photos, Licensed Clip Art and Free Stock Photos:

  • Where and how to obtain and use legally licensed clip art and stock photos
  • Using legal images means you can sell and give away your work
  • Use your own photos and art with commercial images
  • See examples of images never to use due to legal issues (don’t get sued!)

Art and Art History:

  • You’ll explore combining modern imagery with vintage images
  • Black and white line drawings from 19th century with modern watercolor and texture backgrounds
  • Mid-century (1950s) or 1980s clip art for fun cards
  • Metaphysical, spiritual, pagan images and photos
  • Combine photos with line art
  • Line art and textures
  • Plus be inspired by existing cards: tarot, oracle, and traditional greeting cards

Organizing Images:

  • Scrolling through endless grids of images is not efficient for creating art!
  • You’ll see how to create and name folders and images
  • See how my organization helps you focus on creating, not searching for files
  • Watch and be inspired!

Modify Existing Images:

  • You’ll learn how to erase and add elements to line art
  • Resize, flip, rotate images


  • See how to add or change colors to whole image or specific areas
  • Learn basic color theory (especially as it relates to Tarot, feelings, and telling your stories)


  • Basic discussion of how typography makes a difference in visual storytelling
  • Tips how to choose best font for your story and image


  • Easily create complex images using simple layers
  • See the advantages of using layers, missing in other programs, which limit your options


  • See how to legally get and use various paintbrushes
  • Use various paintbrushes to give different effects (watercolor vs oil, for example)
  • Change size and opacity easily

How to Create Tarot or Oracle Cards Using Clip Art, Photos and Apps

9 fun, inspiring hours

First three sessions discuss the three page PDF. I don’t believe in giving a table of links and that’s it. I walk you through everything.

  • Tarot PDF1 – Discussion of Clip Art and Stock Photos, 37 minutes
  • Tarot PDF2- Discussion of Creative Commons and Museums, 65 minutes
  • Tarot PDF3- Discussion Intro to Tarot Resources, 61 minutes
  • Tarot 1- Introduction to Photoshop and Lightroom, 52 minutes
  • Photoshop Color Picker – Color Wheel – Hue Saturation, 17 minutes
  • Tarot 2- Coloring Book Pages: Adding Colors, Gradients and Intro to Textures, 72 minutes
  • Tarot 3- Selections, Textures, Hue and Saturation, 52 minutes
  • Tarot 4- Simple Tarot Layouts and Layer Effects (fx), 98 minutes
  • Tarot 5 – Painting and Advanced Storytelling, 98 minutes

Researching,* designing and creating two dozen cards was/is an amazing experience! I create digital (and traditional) art ALL the time. But nothing like this.

I want YOU to know this feeling: being so engrossed the world falls away.

Learning and creating can help you forget about real world issues, worries and woes. 

*I researched because I’m not a Tarot pro. Plus I created Yoga cards. Cards with quotes. I just wanted to tell my story effectively, so the more I learned, the easier and more fulfilling my journey.

You don’t have to worry about “getting it right.” 

No grades. No judgment.

Follow your heart. I just love learning. No obligations on your part! 

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