Myths and Mindsets of Digital Tools and Tech

You’ll find Answers to so Many Questions, Objections, Concerns

If you are on the fence about or not sure how to move forward, this is for YOU!

This workshop PDF might be the most vital of all my courses. Everything starts with our mindsets, attitudes, fears, hopes, dreams.

How we view design and tech can predict our success or failure. Our peace of mind or stress.

I constantly share some or all of the following with so many cool people who are struggling with their online presence. Some don’t use anything beyond a few social media posts.

This helps you move forward beyond doubts, concerns and fears.

Designed for creatives and healers, maybe not techies.

(But techies could pick up a few ideas about being open to design and designers, and end users.)

This overview is like a roadmap before you set out on a long journey.

  • Mindset, Myths, Tech and Money: Conquering Common Online Obstacles
  • Design and Tech Tips for Online Success Strategies
  • Demystifying Myths about Blogs, Sites and Online Success
  • Plus vital tech info, the bits and pieces often holding us back
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Every single bit of info is useful and beneficial
  • You won’t use it all. Not now, maybe in the future, maybe never
  • Tips, tricks an info I’ve read, used, and mostly, shared with so many in various situations.
  • The tips and insights you use will be so helpful!
  • Lots of little gems you won’t easily find it elsewhere.

“I think it is great that you are going the online teaching and coaching route. Your talents and skills will helpful to many!” ~ Jennifer Posner Lehner, The Front Row

“Always a pleasure working with Jenny. Brightest, most energetic person I know. Fun too. She’s tough, but results worth it!” ~Mark Martinez, graphic artist and designer

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Watch “Take Photos. Get Famous” (my photos in background) to also see “Business Survival Kit for Creatives.” The Biz Kit is perfect for ANY Solo/Entrepreneur. You all are creative, deal with networking, money, marketing and legal issues.

Write me if any questions. Glad to guide you.

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