When I taught at UCLA and Santa Monica College, fees were more than 10 times higher! Still do. No driving, no parking, ONLINE.

Want to be a Creative Storyteller with Your Camera, on a Budget?
Want to develop your own branded style?

Stand out from the crowd using inspiring ideas in this Online, Anytime, Anywhere Workshop.

  • I designed bold, innovative ways of learning by looking at the photos and their settings, a perfect balance of solid art guidelines and easy to understand tech info you need (no weird charts)
  • Fun, Informative, Inspiring!
  • Create more artistic, memorable, marketable images than you thought possible
  • Don’t YOU want to know the secrets from  One of the Ten Most influential rock photographers of all time! Per Adorama, top photo lab and camera gear supplier!
  • Learn how I took some of my acclaimed punk rock photos, internationally seen in the Met Museum, NYC, Smithsonian, Rock Hall of Fame, Grammy Museum, books, mags, docs, merch and more at Punk Pioneers.
  • Great deal at this price: I taught at MAJOR universities and colleges for nearly 20 times MORE than this affordable online Workshop
  • THIS is a lot more fun and practical

You can perform magic with your DSLR camera (and buy the correct photo gear, saving you money) if you are Dreaming Big, cos Dreaming Big Rocks!

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Jenny’s photo class has been a fun and easy way to introduce myself further into the world of photography and get some amazing insight from one of the real talents. From her amazing shots of punks greats, to real world aptitude, I felt honored to catch some insider tips to apply to my day to day photos and try to go further than I thought before. ~ Mark Heck

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“I think it is great that you are going the online teaching and coaching route. Your talents and skills will helpful to many!” ~ Jennifer Posner Lehner, The Front Row

Do you want to create storytelling, visual branded images with your camera?

Do you think cool photos are a result of luck or the right camera? Not. It’s a combo of art and science, which anyone can joyfully learn with my tips, insights and photos created just for this special Online Workshop.

  • You can use any camera.
  • But a DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses, and external buttons and dials, gives you the most options.
  • If you only use Auto settings, and never touch the dials, you are wasting your money on a DSLR Camera.
  • Manual Settings unleash the power within your camera, lenses and you!
  • Do you want to know about various lenses and their uses?
  • Want some tips for creating your own unique style for Branded, Storytelling Images?
  • If you want clarity on these and other topics, you are in for a treat!
  • Buckle up for a good time!

Photography for Budget Branded Storytelling Images

3.5 hours to kickstart your Photography. Packed full of tips I never found anywhere. Tips I use all the time!

  • Photo1: Intro, Terms, Settings, Manual, Auto, Cameras and Lenses (48 minutes)
  • Photo1: Addendum and Corrections
  • Basic Photography Terms and Concepts
  • Photo2: Depth of Field DOF, Event Pix, Bokeh and Composition (51 minutes)
  • Photo3: Backlit, Flash, Shutter Speed, Focal Length, Macros and Closeups (36 minutes)
  • Photo4: Product Photos (49 minutes)
  • Photo5: Props for Tabletop Photos
  • Photo5: Tabletop Studio (28 minutes)
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Three videos introducing All Online Workshops. First is “Watch. Create. Shine,” 2 minutes. Then a 5 minute overview (two silver hands with blue opals) and last a 35 minute detailed introduction (“Create Like an Artist”). Some insist on quickies, others want more in-depth. Watch “Take Photos. Get Famous” (my photos in background) to also see “Business Survival Kit for Creatives.” The Biz Kit is perfect for ANY Solo/Entrepreneur. You all are creative, deal with networking, money, marketing and legal issues. Write me if any questions. Glad to guide you.

Why “Watch. Create. Shine.” Benefits Your Photography

Quite simply, I am able to create sites, ecommerce, vids, social media images, fine art stock photos, photos for fun AND deal with my punk photos, get them into the world, and do more for two reasons:

  1. Solid Art and Design Education and Experience
  2. Technology and Digital Tools
Details: “Watch. Create. Shine.” or Start Now! Special Limited Time Offer with Bonuses worth $650 but only $300 for First Five People!

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